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  Publicity / Public Relations Solutions   Publicity / Public Relations  

                             WHAT IS PUBLICITY? A solid Public Relations program can generate favorable FREE Publicity-(public information about a company, good or service appearing in the mass media).

Grassroots Approach

We deal directly at the consumer level. Conduits of strategy, messaging, protocol and consumer/constituent opinion allow for our architecture.

The 5 W's: Who, What, When, Where, and Why

  • Who your target market includes is critical to any campaign,
  • What the newsworthy topic it and how it is pitched to the media can interest the media or cause the media to trash your story.
  • Timing or when you plan to embark upon your campaign can be critical.
  • To whom you release your pitches takes a specialized savvy and why you think the message must be clear and concise.

After 12 years of proven results, we know who to target, what messages are appropriate, when the news is hot and when it isn't, where to place the messages and why they are important to the media.

Publicity and Marketing Bundling
We use marketing research, customer surveys, and countless other methods to build a solid Publicity and Public relations campaign. Target Audience, Product or service placement and demographics are researched, strategies decided, and a subsequent Publicity/Public Relations campaign launched.


We charge for our services based on an a la carte model, where you pay for each service separately and a bundled model, where you pay a flat monthly retainer fee for a combination of different services. Publicity campaign pricing terms are for 3 months, six months or longer. Public relations services can also be negotiated for a per project basis. For information on pricing, download our Publicity Pricing Guide

 Please view a sample of our PR work below.


CBS News


We make you look good and keep the consumer happy. We evaluate the public's attitudes, identify areas within the organization the public may be interested in, and execute a program of action to earn public acceptance and understanding. 

  800-956-4514 Ext (120)
  • Media Training
  • Pitching to the media
  • Crisis Intervention and Management
  • Press Conferences
  • Media Kit Generation
  • Media Buying
  • News Releases, Media Advisories,
  • e-alerts, email campaigns
  • Posing as organizational spokesperson
  • Agency of Record
  • Clipping Service
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Profile Imaging
  • Special Events
  • On-Air Interviews
  • Public Appearances
  • Representation at Awards ceremonies
  • Red Carpet Procurement 
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